Is Shift + Delete completely removes your hard drive files?

Do you want to Wipe Western Digital Hard Drive?

Are you looking for software to wipe your hard drive?

It is commonly happen that people take PC or laptops on lease and after use return it. Before returning they delete all stored files and folders including personal files from the hard drive so that their information do not fallen into theft hands. But you might have heard them saying that they had deleted everything from the drive but someone is misusing their data. How it had happened? This happens because they had only deleted the files by pressing shift + Delete which do not removes the files completely. Any body can retrieve those deleted files by using data recovery softwares. So, you must Wipe Western Digital Hard Drive before performing such types of acts.


Sometimes there comes a situation when you have to redeploy your PC in your office in that case also just deletion of your personal files which you want to hide from others are risky. Because when you delete your files they are not permanently deleted, only their references are deleted. The spaces which the files are using are marked as available and hence the files can be recovered by anyone anytime if they are not overwritten by new files. So, before doing redeploying your PC you must wipe Western Digital Hard Drive.

There are several programs and techniques are discovered to Wipe Dell Hard Drive. Numerous softwares are available in the market which uses latest techniques and complicated programs to wipe the drive. Internet is very good option to get information about such softwares. Wipe Hard Drive software is effective software available online which you can use to wipe or remove your files completely.


If you really want that no body can retrieve your files after deletion then you must erase your files completely by using wiping techniques. Once you wipe your hard drive you can’t retrieve your files by any data recovery solutions. There are various softwares that use complicated programs and techniques to wipe hard drive. If you search online you will find such software. One such software is Wipe Hard Drive Software that easily wipe Western Digital Hard Drive.

The software is capable of removing internet files and system utilities including recent documents, clipboard contents, recent network folder, recycle bin, Windows event log etc. It supports all types of hard drives i.e. SATA, RAID, USB, SCSI, FireWire, ATA etc. You can also erase data of memory cards, floppy disks, and other storage media. The software possess graphical user interface so its very easy to use and don’t need any technically skilled person. It supports almost all versions of both Windows and MAC operating system.