Is your private data still exists in your PC after formatting?

Do you want to Wipe Hard Drive?

Is it possible to completely erase the hard drive data?

Hard drive is the storage of files and folders. System users use hard drive to store the important files and folders because it is non volatile storage device present in your PC. You generally store your files, pictures, documents, bank statements, credit card info, passwords and many more information on your drive. These informations are very personal and you don’t want to share it with anyone.


Sometimes you need to give away your PC to your friend or to some stranger so, you don’t want that your personal files should go in their hands. In order to prevent it you generally delete your files. But you must know that some personal data still exists in your drive even after deletion and with the help of some basic knowledge of PC it can be retrieved. So, in order to prevent your personal information from falling into wrong hands you should Wipe Hard Drive.

Normally, you think that when you delete your files or you format your hard drive entire information is gone forever. But you might be unaware of the fact that they are not lost completely and you can easily recover them with the help of various data recovery softwares available in the market. So, in spite of erasing entire personal information from your drive you can’t hide it from others. Hence, it is very important to completely wipe Hard Drive.


This can be done with the help of third party software. There are various softwares available in the market that can easily and safely erase your hard drive information. If you search online you will find detailed information about the software. One such software is wipe hard drive Software that can completely erase the data of your discarded hard drive.

  • Completely wipe out the hard drive information
  • Wipe all data including deleted files and frees space
  • It can also overwrite previously deleted files
  • It can also removes system utilities and Internet files
  • It erases files at maximum speed
  • Maintain ongoing security by wiping out deleted files without getting any damage to existing files
  • The software can wipes USB, ATA, SATA, RAID, FireWire, SCSI etc drive types
  • It can also wipe data from memory cards, flash cards and floppy disks etc
  • Possess intuitive and smooth graphical user interface
  • The software supports both operating system including Windows and MAC

So, if you are thinking to sell your PC to any stranger don’t do the mistake of just deletion of your files. Download wipe hard drive Software and completely erase your files so that you can prevent misuse of your personal files.

User Guide

Step 1:Introduction of Wizard

Please read all the information carefully given in the introduction page of wizard.

Step 2:Select Disk

Next, the wizard will show the hard drives along with disk no. disk size, model no, serial no.

Step 3:Select Wiping method

The wizard provides you different wiping method.

Step 4:Start Wipe

Now the wizard will show you the summary of selected disk and wiping method. Read the summary carefully and click finish. Click cancel for exit from the wizard.

Step 5:Finish

After clicking on finish, confirmation message appears. If you wish to continue then click yes. When process is complete, a message indicating Disk wipe has successfully wiped the drive will appears.